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Medium rain water tank

Medium rain water tank

Medium rain water tank
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Medium rain water collector tank captures and stores gallons of free rain water which flows off your roof. You can water the lawn, the flowers, wash tools, wash wellingtons and so much more from the water in the rainwater tank. Reduce global warming by using less processed tap water you decrease the gas and electricity you use, decrease your water bill. The rainwater tank is a polypropylene tank with a tap and a drain pipe attachment to fit to the down pipe. It is easy to clean and lasts for years with correct use. The rain water tank has a tap from which water can be used or any hose attachment can be fitted so that the hose can be left in the flower bed or lawn. The water storage tank or rain water collector is made from excellent quality material.
Length x width x depth 1m x 0.5m x 1m
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